Skin serum – amazing product, smooth skin…

This time I bought:
Harlequin buds 

I was also lucky enough to get this months sampler pack & 2 free face masks.

Sampler pack:
It came with mini versions of vape oil, the new skin serum & a hand sanitizer.

Loved the hand sanitizer. Not in the slightest bit greasy, oily or unpleasant smelling as so many are. I would buy this again. The price point is a little high, given how much you use in one go however.

Skin serum – amazing product, smooth skin and improvement in overall texture over 7 days. A mid sized bottle would be appreciated please!
Definitely on the shopping list of future purchases

Vape oil – haven’t used this as I don’t vape. Waiting to share with a friend who does.
Harlequin bud.

I ordered 5g. It came in individually, double wrapped, plastic, 1g packs…
The smoke had turned brown and did not look at all like to beautiful green buds featured in the brochure they sent me. It smoked okay however, nice flavour, if a little dry.
The effects were wonderful, I recommend it for anxiety and mild pain relief. It would be nice to see fresher buds and less packaging in the future.


Followed the micro dosing instructions, I had one. For me it created a short sweet high with mild euphoria for a few hours. It would be good fun to use in several applications; meditation, conversation, creative inspiration – just don’t drive! The effects came on all of a sudden for me. I look forward to seeing what more could do!
In spite of all this positive talk –
Be warned – ‘the purge’ will happen the next day.

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