Giving some context for other customers who may be hesitant about ordering…

Giving some context for other customers who may be hesitant about ordering cannabis online like I was. I used to smoke THC-heavy strains years ago but stopped as soon as I became a father – I needed to keep my head straight and THC weed wasn’t helping. Recently however, covid lockdown and the stress it’s brought upon my household has made me miss smoking cannabis so I thought CBD strains that were very light on THC would be a good middle ground.

Ordering from was my first time buying cannabis online. Didn’t know what to expect, given how little I knew about CBD strains or how legitimate these kinds of businesses are. Ordered one gram of Hempture Dublin OG when there was a “buy one gram, get one free” deal. Bought it on a Tuesday evening, received it in an unmarked white box on Friday morning – very happy with the delivery time and discreet packaging.

Opened up the box and along with the ordered items came a proper catalogue of products, a branded key holder, scented hand sanitiser (very relevant to present times) and – cherry on the cake – a packet of seeds! The bud and the seeds were in branded, air-tight, sealed packets. The quality of the packaging and customer care put into it already made me feel like I’d gotten my money’s worth before I’d even tried the actual product.

When I opened the first packet of Hempture Dublin OG, I smelled it, smelled it again and grinned like a kid who’d gotten the birthday gift they’d wished for. Couldn’t believe how damn good it smelled. The bud was dry and compact, just like it said in its description on the website, so far so good.

Waited till night time for the kids to be in the bed to actually try it. Firstly, it crumbled up very well in my old metal grinder. I rolled one joint with no tobacco whatsoever, smoked it and thoroughly enjoyed it! No horrible aftertaste, burned well, lovely smell, and I afterwards felt very relaxed and calm like I’d had a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. No mind altering effects like back in the day when a strong weed would have me zone out staring at the floor, wall or ceiling. In fact, right afterwards I went to my laptop and finished writing up some work-related emails I’d started earlier in the day with no problems whatsoever.

This was a little over ten days ago and since then I’ve smoked one joint every other evening. I’ve nearly finished the first gram, I’d say one gram lasts me six joints. The day after smoking I feel noticeably less tense, less prone to getting frustrated with homeschooling our young children, less anxious about the never-ending lockdown, just less grumpy overall. At first my wife wasn’t keen on me smoking again because THC made me forgetful, but she’s since changed her mind and is grateful for my improved mood. In my mind, ordering from Hempture was 100% money well spent.

I highly recommend this website as they clearly care for their customers given the effort they put into the packaging, the freebies and the high quality bud itself. Reminds me of the cannabis I’d used get when I travelled to Amsterdam (minus the THC effects). I will definitely be ordering from them again when my OG runs out. Five out of five stars, honestly was way better than what I had expected.

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