I cannot recommend the Hempture Pet CBD Oil enough…

I cannot recommend the Hempture Pet CBD Oil enough. Max has been on it for 6 months so far. We were told 6 months ago after a visit to emergency vet hospital that he has tumours in his spleen and liver. That there was no treatment and to bring him home for his last day or 2. He miraculously made a bit of a recovery the next day and every day got better and better. I was told to try this CBD oil by a friend. I was like anything is worth a try. It has helped loads and also helped with his front leg dysplasia so much,it’s a million times better,no need to click his leg for him. Now I don’t know if it’s why he is still with us. But I’m sure it has helped him somewhat.

Originally submitted by Kristine Kelly 8/08/2021 via Hempture.ie

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