Little Review for the Hash you kindly posted to me…

Little Review for the Hash you kindly posted to me. 
on receiving this Charas Hash i was very excited and even more after smelling it, its aroma is beautiful with a very potent Cannabis smell! Dying to try some i was thinking of ways to use it as I don’t use Tobacco for very good reasons, so i place a nice pinch into my Dynavap. Boy was I surprised with the experience, it was lovely and spicy with a taste i was unfamiliar with yet very pleasant in a cannbaisby kind of way.  Then after a few minutes i couldn’t believe how i felt, it was the same feeling as i get from Cannabis but without any feeling being high or tired, my head was clear as a day yet i felt my mind wondering and pondering and a glowing feeling inside, again just like actual Cannabis high. I’d say most people would reach for the tobacco and burn this hash on top but i think that would be a total injustice! in Fact, we shouldn’t mix tobacco with CBD products together every, shouldn’t be a thing anymore. 
After experiencing the Hash alone i then decided to use it as a “Topper” on top of some THC Cannabis? Wow I was blown away with the experience, it’s the first time I’ve mixed CBD & THC together, because nearly all Cannabis is 100% THC, it really was a different High experience, lasted much longer and i also felt really happy and lovely where sometimes THC has you feel a little panicky at the start of a session.  
I can see myself mixing CBD with THC 100% all the time now, it makes so much sense and it’s also wrong to only use THC. I love in the future to be able to use Cannabis with a more 50/50 CBD/THC and made legal. 
Also i don’t use Cannabis products in the day, only weekends but i really could see myself vaping CBD hash/Pollen in the daytime if out at a social event but wanted to kick back while still being able to legally drive a Car, as i said, you still having that glowing feeling with CBD🔥💯🌈💚 

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