Serum for the past week. It feels lovely on my skin…

I have been using the Life Serum for the past week. It feels lovely on my skin. It feels very hydrating and nurishing keeping my skin clear, flexible and beautiful. 

The bud has been beautiful also. My favorite is gelato from what you have right now but they are all really nice to smoke. Gelato seems to burn slower and feels like a stronger affect. In general all the CBD bud and hash that I have got from you have anti anxiety, muscle repairing, pain relieving and relaxing affect. The affect has enabled me to get to know myself more and more using it during meditation and conscious breathing .

I really love that most/all of your products are vegan and organic.

I would love to see more sustainable packaging of the herb in future. Not sure what would be the best alternative, maybe recycled plastic and place more than 1g per bag.

Originally submitted by Adam Boyle 05/08/2021 via

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